Welcome to Complete Opposite Records!


Complete Opposite Records is a record label & management company that provides a home for creative talent.


Current roster includes LORD TCO, Wordz, Vikesh Champaneri and Redd.

Complete Opposite has been founded on a long history of success with a range of diverse artists from the likes of TwinMcs (So Solid Crew) to X Factor and The Voice artists. Complete Opposite continue to work with the talented to produce huge records.


Currently the label is concentrating on building a small focused roster of hit music.




Latest News

Emilija Valiukeviciute smashes her performance of her brand new single 'Bye Bye' on eurovision in Lithuania.


LORD TCO is currently working on his music video for his hit single 'Breathe'.


Redd has teamed up with LORD TCO for her new single which is TBA.






"We believe in GREATNESs.."

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