Redd (Real name Amylouise Aldred) is a singer/songwriter, dancer, actress and performer. Starting her music career at the age of 9, Amylouise grew and progressed knowing her direction as an artist. 


Being an avid believer of ‘Dare To Dream’ Redd made her choice to pursue a serious career of being an artist. Whilst her life long ambition was to be a singer/songwriter in the industry, Redd also believes in having an education and it wasnt until she finished her Degree at University of Bolton did she really begin her path to success.


After years of pub gigs and shows up and down the UK in all aspects of performing arts, Redd went on to do the Xfactor (as Amylouise) and in 2010 Amylouise reached the final 50 before receiving the boot; but this didnt deter her ambitions.


Amylouise continued with her gigs (what she now believes was her apprenticeship) as well creating her new found alias - Redd.

Within less than a year, Redd was picked up by a producer in LA and this was the moment her career path set in stone.


Almost immediately Redd was in the studio recording her debut single which in turn featured the most renowned Rapper of the last 2 decades and sensational R&B artist; Snoop Dogg & Akon. ''Im Daydreaming'' stormed across Europe hitting the charts in several countries and within a few months its global release gave Redd her first #1 - in Finland and peaked at #2 in Japan as well accumulating over 20M hits across Youtube.


March 2011 brought Redd her second single ''Bedroom'', this time with Mr Worldwide -Pitbull and American singer Qwote. The track again boomed across Europe hitting various charts before it finally peaked, giving Redd her second #1 - this time in Japan.


With an array of influences including the likes of Lady Gaga to Usher to the rocky realms of Nirvana and The used, expect Redd's music to be an abundance of sass, fire and sex appeal.


Already worked alongside big DJ's and Producers such as Rednek, FST, Mad Mark, David May to name a few and with ties to future projects alongside some of the biggest producers the industry has seen, Redd is one colour you will fall in love with.





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