Vish-K's influence began in the city of Brooklyn,New York. He was the oldest out of four children by his Nigerian born parents. Vish K was disciplined by his mother and step-father vigorously when he was a young boy. Although times were tough for Vish K growing up, he could always find peace of mind listening to "Hip-Hop" music on the radio. 


In 1998 Vish K was 12 years old when his immediate family relocated to Stone Mountain, GA. Once there Vish K heard for the first time what was known as "Southern Music on the radio, and was hooked ever since. At the age of 16 Vish K had made up his mind,  he wanted to be a "Hip-Hop Artist." In his words: "I like to express myself creatively. It's a gift and I want to share it with whoever wants to listen."


To date Vish K has performed at major historic venues in Atlanta where he resides,  like "The Royal Peacock" and "Atrium." His style can be described as "cool" and "fun," like well known rapper "Ludacris." Make no mistake Vish-K's music isn't all fun and games like one published article mentioned:

"Vish-K's music is filled with practical messages of inspiration along with nostalgic wordplay as found in his recent single "Can I.." (Warlock Asylum International News).


Currently Vish K is working on new music, and his "EP" titled "Vish-K Time" is out now. It can be heard on Spotify and other streaming music platforms. Vish-K's video for his single "Can I..," can be watched now on YouTube. Vish-K is working hard towards his goal of having his music recognized internationally.




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